Frequently asked questions

How far is the Secret Garden from the city centre/airport?

-We are about 12 km away from the Chiang Mai city centre, located in Bo Sang, one of Chiang Mai’s Handicraft centres.

-The Chiang Mai Airport is 18 km away, and takes roughly 20-25 minutes by car. * For rush hours it can take up to 35 minutes.

How does one get around? What are the modes of Transport?

Depending on your preference and convenience, there are different ways you can get around.

1) Getting into the city centre the local way, you can take the white “songtaew” leaving from Bo sang.We shuttle to the songtaew stop in Bosang throughout the day.They run frequently throughout the day, with one leaving every 5-10 minutes. It costs 15 Baht/person, and takes roughly 20-25 minutes, and brings you straight into the city centre. The last one going out from the city leaves at 9 pm, after that guests would have to take a taxi back.

2) We can call you a taxi too ( either a songtaew or a closed car).

3) Guests who have data/internet on their phone while they’re here, you can also use “ grab “ which is a taxi company similar to Uber. It is very convenient and often cheaper than what you will be paying for a taxi.

4) If you’re wanting to do a day trip with a combination of different sights or places you’d like to see, we can also organise a private driver for you for the whole day. This is a great option for families with younger kids.

5) For those looking to explore and make use of the full potential of the area, motorbikes are available to rent out for the day for a small fee.

6) Bicycles are available for both adults and kids, and are free of charge.

Do you organise any tours? Can you help us book tours?

We don’t organise any tours of our own, but we  can give you some recommendations on what to do while you’re here, and info on which companies/tours we’ve received good feedback from.  We can also help you book a driver for the the day if you would like to visit different sights/activities. Some of the tours have free pick up from the Secret Garden, while others have a small extra charge. We will be happy to help you, to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

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